A Walk in Nature

Ever since my childhood I enjoyed a walk in nature. But it was only by growing up that I started to realize how important it is not only to enjoy, but also to observe and to learn from nature. Let me take you on a trip to places where I encountered our wild and free neighbors.

I was taking pictures of the butterfly and the bee, when this roebuck (capreolus capreolus) showed up

This dormouse (Glis glis) sat next to me without being noticed for a long time

It was actually the stag beetle (Lucanus cervus) that drew my attention to this place

The 'Alta Langa' in the southern part of the Piemont turned out to be a very good spot to explore wild nature

It is there, in the hills of the Langhe, that I met Grace (how I call her). This was our first and rather short encounter. It was kind of an unexpected surprise... for both of us

Next day I went to the place I met her before and waited patiently for about two hours, when I suddenly realized that she was observing me

she must be very careful, cause she was not alone...

but accompanied by her one year old fawn.

Since that evening I met her again on other days, always on the same location. Here she came so close, I could clearly see the two old scars along her neck... from then on her distinguishing marks for me.

Mostly, after making sure who was behind the camera, she tolerated me in her environment without any sign of discomfort. But sometimes she would bark at me and shake her head before she continued to graze.

I can't wait to see her again and hope she will survive hunting season undamaged...

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